Cheese Made of Gold

The cheese-makers behind Stilton Gold say it is so expensive because it contains a combination of real edible gold leaf and is infused with real gold-liqueur making it the most expensive cheese ever to be made in the UK.

It will sell for a staggering $95 for a two ounce sliver. 

When asked why they created such a cheese, the dairy’s spokesperson said: “We wanted to create something special, a unique Stilton cheese, for the Christmas market. You can see the gold clearly in the slices and we’ve not been shy with how much gold we’ve put in the batch.”

We at Sunny Morning found this news amusing but we probably will not be stocking Stilton Gold any time soon.  (Unless, of course, you want us to...and are okay with prepaying) 

We do, however, carry a variety of traditional English Cheeses including Blue Stilton and White Stilton with fruit as well as a wide array of specialty imports from around the world. 

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 at 2:08pm

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