Heini's Amish Cheese

Heini's All Natural Cheeses taste great, are made from 100% Amish Farm Milk, and have no artificial hormones. They are available in a wide variety of flavors in both retail packs and a convenient 3.5 lb Deli Slicing Loaf format. From their classics like Milk-Can Cheddar & Baby Swiss to their Raw Milk & Cultured Yogurt Cheeses, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Read more about Heini's Cheese below...

Retail Bars

Heini's Amish Retail Cheese

Raw Milk Gouda 12/8 oz
Raw Milk Cheddar 12/8 oz
Raw Milk Smoked Cheddar 12/8 oz
Raw Milk Cultured Yogurt Cheese 12/8 oz
Milk Can Cheddar Cheese 12/8 oz
Marble Cheese 12/8 oz
Lacey Baby Swiss 12/8 oz
Bermuda Onion Cheese 12/8 oz
Vintage Sharp Cheddar 12/8 oz
Garden Vegetable Yogurt Cheese 12/8 oz
Ghost Pepper Yogurt Cheese 12/8 oz

Foodservice Loafs

Heini's Amish Foodservice Cheese

Jersey Fresh Amish Cheese 4 / 3.5 lb Deli Loaf
Raw Milk Cheddar 4 / 3.5 lb Deli Loaf
Raw Milk Smoked Cheddar 4 / 3.5 lb Deli Loaf
Ghost Pepper Yogurt Cheese 4 / 3.5 lb Deli Loaf


History of Heini's Cheese

Since 1935, Heini’s Cheese Chalet has been making some of the finest cheese in the region using recipes that travelled all the way from Switzerland by way of the Dauwalder family who still own the business today.
Heini’s offers their family’s version of traditional Swiss cheese, an award-winning favorite but also features unique varieties made from raw, pastured milk as well as yogurt cultures, which produces a lactose free cheese. There are savory cheeses, soft cheeses and even dessert cheeses. Heini’s cheese is free of artificial growth hormones and is made from all natural ingredients.
The milk in Heini’s cheese is still delivered by dairy farmers in old-fashioned milk cans just as they did in year’s past. The Dauwalder family has formed lasting relationships with the farmers in the region and their consistently good cheese is the result of high quality milk produced on small family farms. 

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Posted on: May 30, 2017 at 2:43pm

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