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Consumers are demanding unique cheeses with distinct flavor making specialty cheese among the fastest-growing and most profitable categories.  Looking to diversify your product offerings?  Try some of our NEW specialty cheeses.



Similar to Cambozola, Borgonzola is soft and creamy with a bloomy rind much like Brie.  Underneath its smooth, white exterior, you will discover a blue-veined body with blue and green mold – Italian Gorgonzola mold that the cheese makers, Bill and Albert Borgo, import from a town outside Milan. 1/3.3 lb 





Red Dragon Cheddar

Red Dragon combines the subtle sharpness and depth of natural mustard with piquant notes of Welsh ale and traditional Cheddar.  The blended Welsh Cheddar is speckled with wholegrain mustard seeds that literally pop on your palate. For a creamy, crumbly texture, the cheese makers have added in brown ale and then coated with a bright red wax to preserve the moisture. The cheese is festive in both flavor and presentation.  2/4.4 lb 





2 Yr Aged Raw Milk Gouda

This 2 year Gouda gracefully ages into a mellow, very complex cheese that will add certain depth to the cheeseboard. It is a true Boerenkaas Gouda meaning a farmer's cheese that is made with whole, raw milk from pasture-grazed cows.  The texture is similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano - very firm and flaky with clusters of protein crystals that burst with flavor.  The color is amber and burnt orange, and the flavor is sweet and salty with a butterscotch finish.  1/28 lb 




Potato Chip Goat Cheese

World famous chef Cas Spijkars created a potato chip goat cheese to win the annual Dutch award for 'Most Unusual Food.'  Chef Spijkars accomplished a recipe that incorporates Holland's most traditional culinary ingredient of potatoes with the country’s most popular goat cheese. The cheese is aged for more then 60 days to give it its nutty flavor, light creamy-colored and firm body. Being that this is such a unique cheese only 4,000 of these cheeses are produced a year.  1/10 lb 




English Wensleydale

Much like English Stilton, Wensleydale has a full creamy flavor that offers a clean, crisp tang which tends to sharpen with age. Firm and flaky, but not by any means dry, this pasteurized cow’s milk Wensleydale is fragrantly sweet and delicious. Bits of dried fruit scattered throughout make this a perfect dessert cheese.  Varieties include:  Cranberry, Lemon, and Apricot.  2/2.2 lb





Don Wine Cabra al Vino

Like Winey Goat, Don Wine is a delicious basket-mold style cheese that is made of pasteurized goat's milk from the Murciano-Granadino breed of southeastern Spain, the best milk producing breed in the region. The cheese undergoes a minimum ripening period of 30 days in a natural cellar, and then is soaked in vino for 48 to 72 hours to form a violet rind. Don Wine‘s calling card is its  floral bouquet which announces a smooth ivory paste. Inside, undertones of deep red fruits play against a balanced acidity.   2/7 lb 




Beemster Wasabi

Japanese horseradish has long been an essential part of all sushi dishes. Now its distinctive taste can be enjoyed in a deliciously smooth and creamy cheese. Beemster with Wasabi is delicious melted on burgers or cubed in Asian salads.  1/10 lb 



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Posted on: November 12, 2013 at 10:07am

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